Laser Mirrors/Optics

Evaporated Metal Films

The EMF Edge

Founded in 1936, EMF was the first company in the United States to offer thin-film coatings to commercial customers. For over 80 years, EMF has continually expanded and refined its capabilities to deliver custom precision optical coatings for large area mission-critical applications. EMF has built a reputation for excellent product quality, superior customer service, and technical solutions in support of their customers demanding time-to-market requirements. EMF supplies tier-one customers in the aerospace, defense, industrial, medical, and dental markets.

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Thin Film Filters

Omega Optical Filters

Light Managed

As the first company to design and coat fluorescence filters, Omega Optical Filters has a deep library of 30,000 filter designs and 30 Million delivered filter parts to satisfied customers. Markets include Fluorescence, UV Sterilization, Inspection and Sensing, Military/Aerospace and Semiconductor.

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Diffractive Optics and Gratings


Wavelength Selection Solutions

Founded in 1965, Optometrics is a leading supplier of wavelength selection solutions including standard and custom optical components and pre-aligned sub-assemblies. The company’s core technologies include mechanical ruling, holographic recording, photolithography, and optical thin-film coatings. Optometrics serves blue-chip OEM customers in the life science, analytical instrumentation, aerospace, semiconductor, and defense markets.

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Spectral Systems logo

IR Optics & Coatings

Spectral Systems

Mastery of IR Optics

Spectral Systems is a premier US Manufacturer of designed and built-to-print IR components and assembly solutions that span the entire infrared range. Markets include Military/Aerospace, Semiconductor, Life Science Instrumentation, and Industrial.

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